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Theater Classes

Theater I

Beginning Theater introduces the students to the background and traditions of theater. They will be given the opportunity to act in a variety of scenes, cuttings, one-acts, monologues, original material and improvisations. The course is designed to let you practice the craft of acting, and to help you to develop your imagination and creativity using various theater games and improvisations.


Theater II- P

Theater II continues to develop the student’s craft of acting. Units will include Drama Festivals, individual concentrated work, and beginning directing. Students will perform for live audiences. Opportunities to learn about the theater and related industries as a profession will be provided. Students will receive guest lectures by professionals and be introduced to the “business of show business.” The course will provide further training and study in voice, movement, and directing. Students will study theater history and perform period pieces including an introduction to Shakespeare.


Theater III- P

This is an advanced course of study for the serious student of Theater. Students will study and perform monologues, scenes from world theater, and write and direct their own original scripts. Students will learn to analyze a play from literary, dramatic, and historic criteria. The course will provide further training in voice, movement, and stage direction with an emphasis on developing individual creativity and skills.



The course is concerned with the elementary theory and practice design for theater in producing a play. Students will be assigned to a crew for each school play. The crews include lighting, sound, scenery, properties, publicity, stage management, house management, theater business management, costumes and makeup. Students will be expected to put in some hours outside of class, working on school plays.



Cosume Construction & Design

This course teaches a range of skills for students interested in working behind the scenes with costumes for the stage. Some topics include period costume design and construction, hand and machine sewing techniques, pattern drafting, script analysis and costume rendering for design projects. Students will work with clients and professionals in the industry. Students will help construct costumes for the school plays and dance concerts. This course is available to students in grades 9-12.


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