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Current Productions

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Performance Dates- December 1-6

Dec 1-4 perfomances at 7 pm   Dec 5-6 performances at 5 pm

In response to the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the subsequent closing of theaters worldwide, Calabasas High School is teaming with Playwright Qui Nguyen with a new adaptation of his play She Kills Monsters intended for online performances.

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms follows Agnes Evans, a high schooler in Ohio who thinks of herself as the world’s most average teenager—until her little sister Tilly suddenly dies. Agnes finds Tilly’s Dungeons and Dragons notebook and decides to play the campaign her sister created. Agnes is drawn into her sister’s personal fantasy, a place where Tilly sought refuge and where Agnes learns more about her sister than she could have in real teenage life.


In this drama-comedy filled with D&D monsters and high school friends and bullies, She Kills Monsters pays homage to the warrior and geek in all of us. 


All performances are virtual. (Purchase tickets and we will send you a streaming link and access code, so you can watch in your own home!)


Run time: about an hour and fifteen minutes, no intermission.


Contains mild adult themes, recommended for ages 13+






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